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Anne Stagg Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist & Anxiety Specialist in Walkington, Beverley
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What an interesting few weeks!
I have had enquiries about all sorts of issues - do you identify with any of them?
weight management
secret snacking
low self esteem
grief and loss
If you would like to know how hypnosis may be used to resolve your issue, please get in...

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Have you noticed that Christmas is already in the shops?
In fact, it has been for a few weeks now - and yet there are another 108 days to Christmas; that's more than a quarter of the year!
Are you being tempted by those sweet treats already?
Those tubs of chocolates, only £4 or 2 tubs for £7?

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A 60 minute hypnotic relaxation session via Zoom (no therapy included) enjoying a beach experience or a country walk.

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“I’ll have a large Anxiety with a double shot of Low Self Esteem and a dusting of Poor Self Confidence please,” said nobody, ever…!
If you have anxiety it’s probably the first thing that hits you when you wake up in the morning and it’s the thing that you take to bed each night.
It affects so man...

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It's just over half way through the year, so I thought that this would be a good time to say thank you to clients old and new.

I love the variety in my work: no two days are the same, just like no two clients are the same.

This year I have worked with so many different issues; although I specia...

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Hypnorelax: £60 for 60 minutes pure relaxation

Jul 23, 2022 – Jul 31, 2022

A 60 minute (including brief information check) of pure hypnorelaxation. Choose from a beautiful walk in the countryside or a beach stroll.

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Choosing to see a hypnotherapist should be a positive step forward in you creating the change that you want in your life.

Even that first step, whether that’s you doing a Google search or asking for recommendations from friends and family, is moving you forward from where you were, towards where...

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Hypnorelax 60: 60 minutes for £60

Jul 11, 2022 – Jul 17, 2022

A 60 minute (including brief information check) of pure hypnorelaxation.
Choose from a beautiful walk in the countryside or a beach stroll.

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a week ago
I have been very fortunate to have been able to benefit from Anne Marie therapy services. Extremely professional, kind, compassionate, supportive with empathy too. I would always recommend Anne Marie, her understanding and ability to put those worries at ease and be able to provide support with ongoing self help techniques is worth it’s weight in gold. If you’re looking for a source of therapy that works, then I would highly recommend Anne Marie every time.
- Suzie T
a month ago
Anne is a rare gem in this profession. As a fellow therapist, I can attest to Anne's high level of expertise and experience. She is understanding, warm and caring, and is a true professional. You can trust Anne to support you in the way that you need, with confidence that Anne will provide you with the necessary tools to enable you to move forward. I can not recommend Anne highly enough. Bianca.
- Bianca A
5 months ago
Anne-Marie was recommended to us by a friend. She was absolutely amazing with my son. He was incredibly nervous, but Anne-Marie was patient and Understanding. I am eternally grateful for the help she gave him and the difference she made.

Are You Always Anxious?

Has Anxiety taken over your life completely so that you no longer know who you are? 

Does it fill every moment of your waking life and destroy any hope of a decent night's sleep?

My name is Anne Marie Stagg; I am a hypnotherapist who knows exactly what it's like to have Anxiety trash your life, because for many years I, too, had Anxiety as my middle name. 

Anxiety symptoms got in the way of everything that others take for granted: my overall health suffered, my family life was affected, my professional life as a teacher was affected - I was existing, rather than enjoying life.

My personal experience has led me to focus on working with the Always Anxious and I have a great range of skills to call on; I trained as a hypnotherapist but am also a practitioner in a number of other therapies, all of which I incorporate into my work with clients.

You don't need me to list the symptoms of anxiety and stress, write about how lack of confidence affects every aspect of your life, or describe that "loss" feeling - because you already know all that: you are living it every minute of every day!

You do know that you just want to be right again: brighter, lighter, more focused, able to smile (or maybe even laugh) rather than bursting in to tears or hiding away.

Anxiety doesn't care if you are rich or poor, drive a Mini or a Ferrari, have a family or are famous - it just wants to suck the fun out of your life and, believe me, it is an expert! 

However, you weren't born anxious  so lets get on and sort it out, give you the tools first of all to clear any issues which contribute to your anxiety and then to build your confidence and self esteem so that you can live your best life.

My main focus is on anxiety, but I also deal with lots of other issues:

  • menopause relief
  • fears and phobias
  • insomnia
  • exam performance
  • weight management
  • grief and loss
  • driving test performance and lots more...

Also, because I have extensive training in a number of therapies beyond hypnotherapy, I will always put together the best therapy program for you.

No two people are the same, so why would your therapy program be the same as anyone elses?

Contact me to book your online consultation and your program of therapy. Whatever the issue, it doesn't have to be for ever. 

Let’s talk!

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